The Earth is the YHVH, and all it contains, The world, and those who dwell in it. (PS 24:1)

As I awoke this morning to the news that the UN had passed a two state solution against Israel my heart sank. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes to try and understand all that had just happened and how my King must be feeling right now. Instantly I saw the land of Israel covered in Band-Aids and the words “It’s time for the restoration to begin”.

As I pondered these words, I could understand it through my own current situation.   Six years ago I broke my leg in a motorcycle accident. The break was very complex and required a rod and several screws to help restore my leg back to its original condition. After much rehab and time, I regained full function to the point that the rod and screws that were key to restoration had now become a limit to my flexibility and a source of pain, simply because the body was never designed to contain a solid inflexible rod.

Ten days ago, after six years of attempting to live a normal life, I had the rod and screws removed. I thought this would be a simple process to restore my body back to the way it was created, however it has been filled with pain and discomfort, as much as the first time it was broken. It will required slow and small steps to regain a full complete restoration.

I believe Yah was showing me that Israel is the same. While they have gained back the land and independence, there is this restriction that may have helped them heal at the start, but now has become a restriction and it needs to be removed. It will be painful with more bad days than good. But in the end, it will result in a complete restoration back to the way it was created with no limitations, full strength and power to run and run and run like our eyes have never seen.

I challenge you all to stretch yourselves in this time. Pray, fast, and worship like never before. Uphold the leaders of Israel, pray that Elohim protects and anoints them. Pray and petition the Australian Government to stand with Israel. Pray that Donald Trump can step up into a position of power and protection for Israel. Most of all pray that the watchmen on the wall around the world awaken, allow the breath within them to begin to cry back to the Giver of Life. Begin to prophecy  life! Speak to the dry bones. Never give up on the Words Yah has spoken! In them is truth, life and healing.

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